About Me

I am a Major Systems and Information Sciences Engineer with more than 12 years of experience on Web development, projects management and development teams leadership. The CMS TYPO3 has been the main tool of my development projects and I just love it.

Secure code, updated software, documentation and responsability follow everyone of my projects.

Work History

Web Developer JSP, PHP, SQL, MYSQL

Senior TYPO3 consultant, integrator and extensions developer

Technical Project Manager

Developers training

Development teams leadership


-  Understand and document your requirements

-  Develop Navigation Trees

-  Give you design options

-  Create extensions or extend extensions  to reach your requirements

-  Documentation oriented to TYPO3

-  Install the website in your server or find a hosting for it

-  Training the backend users

-  Keep the core and extensions updated

Full profile

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TYPO3 Events

T3Con2007 - apple with the TYPO3 logo

I have participated in :

TYPO3 Conference 2007, Germany

TYPO3 Snowboard Tour 2008, Switzerland

TYPO3 Conference 2008, Germany

TYPO3 Developer Days 2009, Germany

TYPO3 Certifuncation 2018, Germany