Most of the projects that I have been working on for the last 12 years included:

  • TYPO3 integration & consultancy
  • TYPO3 extensions development on pibase and extbase/fluid
  • Web site cache and performance optimization
  • Migrate web sites from other platforms to TYPO3
  • Upgrade TYPO3 sites to 6.2, 7.6, 8.7, 9.5
  • Test extensions on different versions of TYPO3
  • Use typoscript to achieve customized results from extensions
  • Create interfaces for management and intranet platforms


These are some of the main websites where I have done some work lately:

  • Amnistía Internacional -- es.amnesty.org

    • Newsletter and signatures API functionality. Technical management and long term support.

  • Skiing Austria -- skiingaustria.co.uk / jaggedhorizons.com

    • Responsive design, dynamic content elements, cache and performance optimisation. Long term support.

  • Waarderingskamer -- waarderingskamer.nl

    • Development team leadership, extensions development for municipality management, knowledge base, google charts and data import interface. Long term support.

  • Casa Divina Lodge -- mindocasadivina.com

    • Design implementation, responsive design, sliders implementation, gallery implementation, templates structure, general and extensions configuration, dynamic content elements, fluid templates, powermail setup, SEO

  • Thyssenkrupp Be -- thyssenkrupp-plastics.be

    • Design implementation, responsive design, multilanguage implementation, templates structure, general and extensions configuration, dynamic content elements, fluid templates, migrate from 6.2 to 7.6

  • Corfú -- corfuecuador.com

    • Structure, configuration, fluid templates, flexible dynamic elements, podio forms extension, shops googlemaps extension, scheduled video extension and ice cream management extension

  • Fairtrade International -- fairtrade.net

    • Upgrade from 4.5 to 6.2, improve configuration, update/upgrade deprecated extensions, improve friendly url handling, improve JS, CSS and templates setup

I have worked with many of the biggest extensions available for TYPO3 like:

  • Multishop
  • Real URL
  • Templavoila
  • Directmail
  • Commerce
  • News
  • Cal
  • Powermail

I have also worked on projects related to systems like:

  • SOAP
  • Jira, Bitbucket
  • Podio
  • Open Ads
  • Active Collaboration
  • Text ads links
  • Google Maps
  • UML
  • AJAX - Prototype - Jquery
  • Fusion Charts

I have developed over 70 different back-end and front-end extensions for european and american clients, extensions like:

  • Hotel booking for Expedia & Hostel World APIs
  • Content exporter as xml for Indesign
  • Back-end extended user notes
  • Back-end users and pages manager
  • Shopping Cart
  • Images Slider
  • Google maps for hotels
  • Extended Site map
  • Calendar and meeting organizer
  • Smart document search
  • Employees and experts university manager
  • Smartsite exporter
  • Fusion charts for statistics
  • Municipalities FAQ